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Are Any of These True for You? 

  • I'm stressed out even though my life looks good from the outside.
  • I go through the motions of each day feeling drained before I start.
  • I am struggling in my marriage and not sure if I want to end it.
  • I'm unhappy with my body and wish I had more energy.
  • I'm suffering from procrastination, feel stuck, and don't know what to do first.

Imagine Saying...


  • I feel so alive and wake up each morning ready to enjoy the day. 
  • I'm surrounded by friends who get, support, and appreciate me.  
  • I feel comfortable in my body and have loads of energy.
  • I get what I need and want in my marriage.
  • I love myself!

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Hello I'm Dr. Sheran Mattson 

A Spiritual Teacher and Coach Who Believes Every Woman Deserves to Have a Loving Relationship with Herself and Others


Nice to meet you! I believe it is a privilege to support you to find passion, purpose, and peace for your next stage of life.

I know what it is like to be in a place of confusion, aloneness, and feeling unsure where to turn and who to turn to. My life had a rocky start and although I loved being a mother and wife it wasn't enough.

I wasn't sure if my marriage was worth staying in, if I was good enough as a parent, and what would allow me to feel fulfilled.

I recreated my life direction numerous times and kept listening to an inner voice. It was through the support of many spiritual teachers and practices that I realized my real purpose and passion in life. My marriage has survived 50 years, my adult children are grown, and most importantly I truly love my life and myself. 

Now I specialize in helping women like you to overcome challenging relationships, unhealthy lifestyles, and getting unstuck because I know what it is like to be there and what works to find true peacefulness.

Through personalized support focusing on body, mind, and spirit you can begin a new chapter and take your life to the next level, no matter what age or stage of life.  

I work with you to overcome life's obstacles and create a bright future, by focusing on these core beliefs:

  • You have wisdom within just waiting to be accessed.
  • Your life is unique and a precious gift to be used fully.
  • Your relationships are meant to be life-giving and fulfilling.
  • You have a purpose that is specific to you and the world needs you to live it.
  • Your hurts can be healed and don't have to keep you hostage from living joyfully.

Programs to Create the Life You Dream About 

Women at a Crossroads in Life

If you know you are not happy and fulfilled in your life and want to make changes but just not sure where to begin, you are at a Crossroads. By taking this timeout program you become clear on what needs changing and you learn decision-making tools to help in all areas of life. You are supported by a group of like-minded women who share similar struggles, self-doubt, and desire for direction. You tap into body, mind, spirit tools to create the next stage of life with clarity and ease.
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Take This Course Before You Divorce 

Before ending a previously loving relationship, you want to make sure you are at peace with yourself and the direction of your life. During this individualized program, you master the skills to Manage Your Emotions, Evaluate Your Life and Relationship, Reignite Your Passion for Life and Connect with Spirit and Intuition to make the best decision for you. When complete you will be ready for moving forward without regret.

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Spirit Centered Emotional Freedom Technique

If you are seeking training in a unique healing method (Emotional Freedom Technique) to free yourself, your clients, and your family members from unhealthy thinking patterns, limiting beliefs, and physical challenges then this is for you.

Learn More

Spirit Centered Coaching Certification

If you've always dreamed of assisting others to live a more fulfilled life the Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program prepares you to not only coach but create a business you will love.  It is also a great option if you already work with clients and want to add to your effectiveness and/or eliminate using insurance. 

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What My Clients Are Saying


Marilyn L

Thank You, Dr. Sheran. You have dramatically and dynamically changed my life and my mind in such positive ways for the better since I met you. You supported me in my personal life, relationships, and finances.  I will never be able to repay you, but I will work in my own way to pay it forward.


I really want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave me.

Thank you for helping me find my power again and putting me back in the driver's seat of my life. A million times thank you.

Lynn S

I am so happy I joined this group and have had the chance to get to know all. I feel we bonded, even if it seemed impossible for that to happen.

I've appreciated all the different insights that were expressed due to each of us informed by a different life experience.

I've also really appreciated all of the support, encouragement, and acceptance expressed to whichever of us needed it at the time. 

A great big THANK YOU to Sheran for providing the space and being our facilitator. 

Sue O

I took the leap to expand my knowledge about spirituality not knowing where this would lead.  

It was a wonderful experience.

The material provided by Dr. Sheran and the discussions that followed from an eclectic group of ladies was very thought provoking.  With openness, candor, trust and respect, we formed a wonderful bond between us in a very short time.  

My life was definitely enriched having the opportunity to spend time with some delightful ladies from very diverse backgrounds. 

Paula T

Doing the women's spirit circle has been a tremendous source of strength and wisdom for me.

As someone that truly appreciates not only in-depth conversation but also shared trust with others so I may feel free to voice my thoughts is rare, and this circle has provided that for me.

Coming together for the purpose of sharing insight into how better to find one's way through the joys and sorrows of life by way of spirituality and deep connection is so enriching and powerful.

Sheran is an incredible facilitator and is able to create a safe space where all feel welcome and accepted.

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