Every rough patch is an opportunity to reevaluate our life purpose and reimagine a new future with more fulfillment, joy, and stronger personal relationships. 

Hello, I’m Dr. Sheran, a Spiritual Teacher and Coach

My mission is to support smart spiritual women to create and live lives of passion, purpose, and fulfillment with lots of energy, free of anything holding them back.

My own long journey of challenges and overcoming numerous obstacles prepared me well to assist others as I re-imagined, reignited, and recreated my life numerous times including mothering, multiple career changes, and getting my doctorate in Spiritual Psychology in my 50’s.

I understand what it is like to know this isn't the way you thought life would turn out. the disappointments, regrets, and missed opportunities can feel heavy and difficult to imagine life being different.

But I know it is possible. I have lived it and am living the best life for the rest of my life. My mission has always been to teach, encourage, inspire and support. other women to do the same.

I know it is never too early or late to have the life you want with loving relationships, lots of energy, and release from old stories. Clearing out old pain, unmet expectations, unrealized dreams, and limiting beliefs to wake up every day with the joy of being alive is what I am about. If you want this too, I so look forward to meeting you!

Together we will explore your unique purpose while supporting a healthy body, mind, and spirit. My numerous certificates in energy psychology methods, facilitation, conflict resolution, and training in reality therapy along with a Masters in Religious Studies, a Doctorate in Spiritual Psychology, and over 30 years of life and career coaching provide so many resources to share with you. 

The programs I offer always include individualized attention and support. I am here when you are ready to release the blocks for the life you want to live next.

Imagine Leaping into Your Day With Enthusiasm and the Joy of Being Alive


Difficult relationships and life events leave us feeling confused, fearful, sad, and overwhelmed with all the changes. But with the support and guidance that you will receive, you can gradually move past what is keeping you stuck and shift toward a life you know is waiting for you.

Through our work together you will reimagine, design, and implement your life beyond your current challenges, and figure out what is best for your next chapter.

Together, we'll walk through the process of:

  • Healing hurts-old or current,
  • Releasing damaging habits,
  • Start loving your body, 
  • Freeing yourself from a limiting past and unproductive thought patterns.


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What Others Say About Sheran's Support:


"One of the things that I find I am thankful for is participating in your coaching group.  Thank you for making that happen!  I have been getting up earlier in the morning to take advantage of my "hour of power" and have been reading the affirmation book you gave us.  I love it and appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving it to us - it's making an impact!"

~ Sally

"Hi! It seems my “adjustment” started happening about the time you responded yesterday. Are you magic? My brain fog is gone & although I’m not completely well yet, I’m feeling much better. Yay!"


"Hi Sheran.  I just wanted to thank you for an awesome workshop.  I love your heart and I'm grateful to be a recipient of your passion.  All the best."

~ Mike

Read My Book: Maintaining Balance in a Wobbly World


We can feel alone in our struggle for positive change. We look around and it appears others have it all together!

What’s amazing though is that we are all more alike than different. Most of us stay in a comfort zone with how our life progresses… even if we’re not totally satisfied and would secretly like things to change.

This workbook provides simple and practical ideas to use immediately so you can be more peaceful and have more joy in the now, without waiting for an external “kick in the pants.”

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Discover the first step to make a change in your life

If you would like to find out whether spiritual coaching can help you with your individual questions and concerns, then I invite you to schedule a free discovery call with me using the link below.  I guarantee you will leave with at least one new technique to create the life you are dreaming about.

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