Spirit Centered Coaching Certification


The Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program is for you if you answer yes to any of these questions:

  • Have you always dreamed of assisting others to live a more fulfilled life?
  • Do people naturally come to you for advice, ideas, or just to listen?
  • Do you already work with clients and want to add to your effectiveness and/or eliminate the limitations of meeting insurance requirements?
  • Do you feel an inner calling to make a difference in the world?
  • Do you want to start a profitable business where you manage your time and use your personal skills? 

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What Past Participants Are Saying About the Certification:

Why Choose This Program?

Picture yourself – it’s a year from now, and as you look back over the year, what changed for you?


Increase your own Spiritual Presence and Growth

Master the Art of Powerful Coaching


  • Quickly establish trust with clients
  • Create and hold the space for change
  • Exhibit coaching presence
  • Increase intuition for self and client success
  • Adhere to ethical coaching practices-disclosure statements
  • Build rapport using simple methods of connection
  • Use a coaching agreement for both the client and coach
  • Participate in coach self-study for personal growth

Receive A Coaching Success Toolkit


  • Learn and use over 30 diverse session methods and tools
  • Use an app for Mental Fitness for self and clients
  • Enroll clients in personally designed programs
  • Achieve a Certificate of Training in Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Coaching manual and textbook provided
  • Independent study resources provided
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs for clients
  • Business design and set up

Develop Effective Communication Skills


  • Increase your listening skills
  • Design and ask powerful questions
  • Use a coaching protocol to guide the session
  • Learn a proven method to access client inner wisdom
  • Set effective goals for client success
  • Access intuition for faster results
  • Understand thinking and behavior of clients
  • Support and celebrate client success

Identify and Attract the Right Clients


  • Know when to refer clients
  • Define your niche
  • Outline your Marketing Message
  • Use spiritual marketing to attract clients
  • Practice coaching skills with a wide variety of clients
  • Start coaching within the first month of training
  • Create programs for greater results and income
  • Recognize the $ value of your coaching

Multiple Bonuses Included

Additional Certificates of Study, Manual of Copyrighted Materials, Positive Intelligence Program, Health Tool for Personal Use

Meet Some Certified Spirit Centered Coaches

Julie Anne Caara

The Comeback Coach

Sherrie Brennar

Business Balance Coach

Parker Loomis

Wisdom Coach

Betty Bennett

Certified Spirit Centered Coach

Jennifer "RheaAnna" Rhodes, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist and Certified Spiritual Coach

Mary Lynn Kelly

Business Coach

Kelly Harris

Personal Relationship Coach

Kaitlin Flores

Spirit Centered Coach for Moms & Doula Services

Catherine Tankersley

Spiritual Care Giver Coach 

Paula Tesoriero

Emotional Wellness Business Coach

Our Coaches Have Experienced the Life-Changing Impact of the Program Themselves:

Julie Anne Caara, The Comeback Coach

"Spirit Centered Coach Training unfolded over several months and allowed me to experience coaching in several meaningful ways.  I was able to not only learn the focus and techniques of being a fully present coach but also to grow in welcome and sometimes unexpected ways personally.  Sharing the journey with fellow classmates and being mentored & supported along the way by Sheran was priceless. 


I am proud & delighted to be a certified Spirit Centered Coach, fully ready to serve my clients.  I know that along their journey there will be many unique, individual rewards for each of them, as well as for me.  Fulfilling this coaching program turned out to be the best professional & personal decision I have made for myself!"

Sherrie Brennar, Business Balance Coach

"When I started using Sheran’s coaching services I was in bad shape.  I was completely out of balance.  As a part of corporate America, I felt obligated to devote too much time to my demanding job.  I was resentful about not having a reasonable amount of down time while at work and unable to shirk the guilt feelings when trying to enjoy a day off.


Sheran led me to realize this inequity and evolve into a healthy state of balance.  By incorporating appropriate boundaries, I was able to experience better harmony in my relationships outside of my career. Additionally, my work did not suffer in the least.  In fact, I was more effective while modeling a more balanced lifestyle.  


The transformation was life changing! The impact was so profound that I decided to follow in Sheran’s footsteps and recently graduated from Sheran’s spirit centered coaching program.  My specialty is to help people achieve what I achieved through Sheran’s coaching.  I want people to take their lives back.  The ability to balance between demanding careers and enjoying family and friends is a real issue.  I’m excited to leverage everything that I have learned from Sheran including my certification in EFT (emotional freedom technique) to help people achieve their most gratifying balance.  Working with Sheran has been a game changer for me."

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