Great News and Please Don't Do What I Did

body care connection emotional wellness gratitude letting go peaceful self-awareness spirituality Aug 04, 2023

I have exciting news to share and more importantly I have a message that I hope you will take seriously. I am choosing to be vulnerable and humble as my message is not easy to share as I knew better. If this spares even one person from the challenges I have had it is worth it.

First off, I am very excited to share that my PET Scan came back clear which means no cancer (C) detected. I am enjoying the great news. It is so wonderful to know that chemo and radiation are in the past. My body is gaining weight and getting strong again. Yea!

My port was removed this week and one of the nurses commented on how special it is that my body beat pancreatic cancer as that is rare. What she did not know is that I believed my scan would be clear as I understood how I manifested the C and had already cleared the reason why I got it.

I shared my belief with more than one medical professional and they validated the power of mind and body and encouraged me to share this with others. Here is my story.

In my training and studies I have had the pleasure of learning in person from some renowned researchers: Bruce Lipton, Dawson Church, Joe Dispenza, Peta Stapleton, and David Feinstein to name just a few. Each of these individuals have produced verified scientific research to support the power of the mind and body connection. I knew this. 

I also have studied and been certified in numerous healing techniques. I assist many others in healing, spirituality, and releasing painful emotions. Even with this awareness, I allowed myself to be highjacked and stayed in emotional pain for over a year. I knew what I was doing and would quickly change my words such as, "My heart is breaking." I immediately said, "No it isn't. I am fine." My words were spoken but my mind hung on to the pain.

What could my body do with all of this sadness, hurt, disappoinment, anger, and frustration? It had to do something with it. As soon as I heard my diagnosis, I was not surprised. I looked up the mental cause of specific illnesses according to Louise Hay in "You Can Heal Your Life." She looked at mental patterns that contribute to disease. What were pancreas issues? "The sweetness of life." I immediately understood. Because I had stayed in emotional pain, I did not feel the sweetness of life for a year. 

This is hard for me to share as I knew better and although I prayed, reached out to others for support, and helped many others during that year, I still had the underlying emotional pain in my mind and body. By the time I had my diagnosis, I had released the emotional pain and was in acceptance, but the illness had already manifested. I since have learned that most (not all but a significant number) of those who experience C have had a traumatic experience in the year or two before! 

During my treatments, I was free of emotional pain. There were many difficult times but I celebrated life and felt peace and joy-even with the physical pain and discomfort. I was and am so grateful for what I learned and the journey. There are so many many gifts I received.

Please, please, please do your best to get support to release emotional pain as quickly as you can. This is not to ignore the pain but find a way to acceptance and peace. Take the appropriate action to get there. I believe I could have spared myself so much discomfort. 

Yet, when I decided to coach others, I had a discusssion with God and agreed that anything I experienced was not just for me to help me help others also. This whole C time I have Iearned so much from others and recognized the great gift of my body and mind.

I found Positive Intelligence to support my healing-I now lead others in this awareness and will share more about it soon as I want everyone to have this gift. Prayer, EFT, and supportive others are additional processes for releasing emotional pain to get to peacefulness. 

The mind-body connection is real. There is too much proof to ignore it. If there is anyone who can benefit from this please share with them. Please reach out if you find yourself highjacked and want help.

Thanks for letting me share with you. It is wonderful to understand and appreciate this recent journey! Special thanks to all who supported and reached out to me!

I send you peace and joy and excitement for what is next.


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