What's Next After Acceptance

body care change dealing with change emotional wellness gratitude resilience Jan 10, 2023

Once you have a life-changing experience and are ready to face it by staying in the present moment, allowing the support of others, and not listening to anyone else's stories how do you manage the day-to-day? You continue to take it one day at a time and you have great empathy for yourself and others.

The last time I wrote a blog, I shared with you my big challenge-a diagnosis of cancer. My intention was to write often to hopefully support others with my experience. But then the reality of being in total self-focus happened. So many times I planned on writing and created a whole blog in my head, but my energy, motivation, or fog took over. All parts of this process!

So where am I and what have I learned? I have good days and not-so-good days. The hardest is the low energy-as those of you who know me I am usually consistently busy and love it. Now I sit for hours with little doing-just being! Here is what I have learned.

Be open about what you want and need with everyone. My surgeon (whom I love) knew that I believed in mind, body, and spirit connection. He supported me with this after the 8-hour surgery, which he had never expected, when I was having a down day during my hospital stay. 

He said I did my part now you do yours. Just what I needed to hear. No matter how many tools you may have to help yourself when you are hurting, it is easy to forget to use them. His words woke me up! 

My very skilled oncologist did not understand this even though I had spoken about it. He used language that described all the dire possibilities that I know he thought were helpful but only created negative images for me. All of what he said was true, but only created negative possibilities for me. So I changed oncologists. 

Be clear on why you are choosing a direction. I am getting ready to have my third chemo treatment. It has not been easy but I will continue no matter what.  Every day I remind myself, the reason I am doing this is that I love my family and want to be there for them. I want to see my grandchildren grow up.  I also feel blessed to do the work I do in supporting clients and can't wait until I get back to my full schedule.

Be open to miracles. I have had so many people come into my life that are angels. My daughter and her family have been there every moment. Holding my hands on Christmas day when I was having a fatigue blues day with tears streaming down my face. My son-in-law shaved my head while the whole family including my husband said I looked beautiful! I know they were sincere.

My healer provided me with wonderful images of "Golden Elixir" entering my body and I see the wonderful work it is doing. It is much easier while sitting through the infusion sessions. I talk to my body every day.

A wonderful neighbor referred an angel who came into my home and made delicious healthy meals for my husband and me to enjoy for a whole week. What a miracle!

A loving friend made a statement that has made all the difference to me. She said the doctors don't know who you are! She reminded me to remember who I am. This has given me so much strength. 

There have been so many remarkable and wonderful people who are supporting me with prayers, cards, and help. Too many to mention including a sister who dropped everything to help me in that critical week after surgery. The wonderful clients who have supported me with encouragement and empathy when I broke down in front of them. Thanks to all. 

The only difficult times have been when I did not stay in the Present Moment. I can't say it enough. We can handle just about anything when we stay in the moment. I have to continue to love and forgive myself when I feel sadness or fear. Neither emotion serves me!

This is not an easy journey-just like any of you going through a difficult experience. We can do it! I hope to share more of my experience and learning-not sure when but I often think of you on my list and my wonderful clients. If my words can help anyone please share them. 



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