The Timing Has to be Just Right for You Alone

change connection decision making emotional wellness gratitude joy relationships spirituality Jul 28, 2022
Capturing the full picture of possibility.

It took about 25 shots until I got the above picture to show all that I wanted: the lightning inside, the rain below, the beautiful configuration of one part overlapping another, the sun shining down on one side, the seeming chaos that worked perfectly together. In other words Life!

The beauty of seeing these clouds reminded me of how change can appear to us. There is the ominous enormity of the unknown and the judging voice of beware, be fully prepared-you can’t see everything that is coming.

Or there is that still inner voice of wonder, awe, and excitement of moving forward with the belief that all will work out and you will be able to weather whatever shows up.

They both are always there just like this cloud that promises cleansing and relief but also the possibility of torrential flooding and lightning strikes.

For me, I do my best to quiet the “judgey” voice that speaks and wants to interfere. I have found how often it has lied to me! I may not be successful all the time but the more I practice the better I get at it.

Thus, it is with excitement and wonder that I share changes that I am making this year to better support you. I have opened an on-site office again. (Easy to get to at 2131 E. Broadway # 32 just west of the 101.)

Although I meet online and did see some of you in my home office, I was without an office space for the two big years of Covid. Many of you requested in person sessions so they are starting now!  Book by clicking here.

Also, during these last few months, I trained in a new Mental Fitness process that is powerful in reigniting and reenergizing peaceful joy-filled relationships while quieting negativity and that “judgey” voice in all our lives. Much more sharing of this in the next few months but I am hearing how those that are using the process are having great results as did I.

And the last big change for now, A Spirit Centered Coaching Certification Program will be starting up in October. If you know anyone who has thought about becoming a coach or would like to add the skills of coaching to their current work to be much more effective, then this program will be perfect.

There will be limited spots with some people already expressing interest. The curriculum is being updated right now! Sign-ups soon!

How about you? What changes are you making in your life? I so want to celebrate with you so please share. Click here to email me.

Remind yourself when that voice wants you to think you are too old, not smart enough, not good enough, life is too risky, you can’t succeed, why you: remember these are all lies. There may be a kernel of truth but these are never the whole truth.

Here is a cheer for the next steps in your life! The clouds always pass-enjoy them as they glow and go!

All the best, Sheran

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