Easy Doable Thanksgiving Rescues!

communication connection emotional wellness energy family gratitude holidays relationships spirituality thanksgiving Nov 22, 2021

Is Thanksgiving your favorite holiday? Do you have the ideal Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving-the perfect meal, the perfect family, and the perfect memory? 

Lucky you if you do- but not so for many! 

And even the best gathering can often use some help to make the day even better! Avoiding Aunt Mildred's prying questions, the arguments over who makes the best stuffing, or keeping the conversation going when you have nothing in common can all be helped by these 5 simple prep tips!

These tips work whether you are the guest or the host!!

1. Visualize Ahead of Time. All good athletes know that you see the end result before you start the game. You can do the same thing. Take a few minutes for a few days before and on Thanksgiving Day to visualize a fun enjoyable day.

See the people, the table, the food, and yourself enjoying, laughing, eating, and relaxed. Be as creative as possible in seeing everything the way you want it to be. Feel the joy, the satisfaction, and the appreciation of a great day.

Do not underestimate the power of this technique. Ask any pro athlete how they prepare for a win and you will hear how they see and feel the win ahead of time!

2. Prepare for Conversation. Think of three or four "safe" topics for communicating with anyone. Movies, events, past fun times, interesting work activities-or something you know enough about to talk easily.

Be ready to start and/or redirect a conversation so that if something gets a little tense you are prepared.

3. Breath Deep. When you feel yourself getting uptight-focus on your breath. You can do this numerous times before the day, during the day, and even while talking to that always grumpy complaining relative!

No one needs to know that you are using your best relaxation technique in order to keep calm. Slow in and out breaths allow your mind and body to calm.

4. Create a Buddy Ahead of Time. Choose one family member who will be your support person-you can go to them to talk or laugh during the day. They will rescue you from Aunt Mary's old story about Uncle Joe. You are there for them also. If you are on a diet, you need a rescue, or to get out of the room, your buddy is there with a gentle smile. Ask for help.

5. Laugh. This is the greatest tool of all. This can be used before, during, and after the day. We can make ourselves laugh any time if we try. If you need to excuse yourself during the day-find a bedroom or restroom-close the door and laugh.

Lots of endorphins and chemicals get released when you laugh!

Using these tips can help make this Thanksgiving not only one in which you survive but also enjoy. May this be the best holiday yet!

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Hug, Sheran

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