I Knew Better but Did it Anyway

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Last year was a tough year for me as my family went through a big change with a lot of drama. My belief and image of my family were shattered. I chose to feel great sadness, ongoing pain, rejection, and bitterness.  A bit dramatic right? But that was how I felt.

Every single one of us has stories of pain and broken dreams. This may be in relationships, health, or career. We may feel unfairly mistreated, misunderstood, and confused about how this could happen. This is life.

The more we are attached to the vision of what we think should be, the more we suffer.

Those of us who are truly focused on the spirituality of life understand the most important gift is to flow with experiences and realize there is always something more going on in the event than we can see with our minds and there are gifts from even the most difficult times. 

The challenge is we are so human! No matter how spiritually focused with all types of tools to stay centered, we can fall into the trap of self-pity, hurt, and blame. As much as I teach and practice spirituality and acceptance in my life, I found myself hijacked last year by the judge in my mind.

It took me longer than I would like to admit to achieve peaceful acceptance-even when I was seeing and experiencing the gifts I held on to the pain. I Knew Better! 

So this last week I was not surprised when I found out I have a health issue that requires attention. Our body is always affected by our minds. I actually knew what I was doing and I kept on. What could my body possibly do but react? I hope my sharing here can help you to avoid this.

It is with honest humility that I felt it was important to remind you of this. Please get to peaceful acceptance as quickly as you can with any painful experience so your body does not have to absorb and react.

A way to get to peaceful acceptance:

1. Acknowledge the painful situation as a wake-up. Get your hand off the hot stove of the pain immediately. It only takes a few seconds to realize that pain. When you keep feeling it and dwelling on it, it is like keeping your hand on the hot stove!

2. Stop engaging your mind in the dwelling, arguing, or trying to analyze the situation. Say hush to your thoughts. Do something to get in the present moment. Tap, rub your hands together, deep breathe, or meditate to stop the thoughts. You can handle any pain if you stay in just the moment.

3. Next take on an attitude that this is the way it is right now. You don't have to like it, you don't have to feel good about it but you acknowledge it is what it is right now-not forever, right now. Allow yourself to breathe peace and calmness. Just as the ocean flows in and out-so is life feel the ebb and flow.

4. As painful as this is ask yourself what are some possible gifts from this situation-try for three but even if you can find just one that is a good start.

5. Lastly have great empathy for yourself. I feel so grateful for this experience as I learned a lot and know that I will heal my body now that my mind is healed. It will be a journey just like getting to peaceful acceptance was but it will be fine.

Getting to Peaceful Acceptance doesn't mean you may not have triggering feelings breakthrough. When that happens keep coming back to this peaceful place. It does not serve to try to figure out why this happened and start doubting yourself. You may need to do numerous actions of breathing, tapping, meditating, walking in nature, practicing empathy, and finding support to keep yourself staying in the present moment. 

You can do it. It is worth it!

I truly want to help anyone who may be suffering from this type of pain. So reach out if I can support you. You can always reach me by clicking here for email or by booking on my calendar by clicking here.

I Knew Better and still was hijacked.

Here are the wonderful gifts I found: I felt great support and oneness with my husband, I have more compassion and understanding of family dynamics, I felt pain at a level I never did before allowing me to connect even more deeply with my clients, and I have let go of the illusion of what I thought family "should look like." 

In the next few months, I will be offering a program based on these principles so stay tuned. A few are beta testing the program now and expressing how much they are enjoying the process. In the meantime please take care of your mind and body. Use this method.

A long-distance hug, Sheran

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