Holiday Special for You

body care connection decision making emotional wellness energy giving gratitude holidays purpose relationships self-awareness spirituality Dec 02, 2021

The end of the year is quickly approaching. Is the meeting of all those self-imposed expectations around giving and being there for others getting to you? Are you feeling stressed, rushed, and less than your best self?

When I talk with children, spouses, and friends I hear the consistent message that being together, playing together, and feeling good about ourselves are the most important gifts we can give and share with others-more important than anything else.

Is one of your stresses looking for a gift for those special people in your life: mother, sisters, friends, adult children, that is unique and lets them know how much you care? A gift like that is not available in a catalog or online. 

You are likely wanting a life-uplifting experience for them and hopefully for yourself to show how much you care. A gift that will last the entire 2022 year!

This is possible through an experience of renewal, connection with nature, and creating a purposeful 2022. And this is exactly what my fellow Spirit Centered Coach, Sherrie Brenner, and I are offering this January 28-30-The Best is Yet to Come weekend in an Arizona Ranch in the gorgeous San Tan Desert and Mountains.

Everyone who attends will leave a different person-that is a promise! Come see what is being offered-a night under the stars, a nature hike in the breathtaking desert valley, and content-rich support to design 2022!

Can you imagine the memories and the excitement you will carry with you into the next year? Also new friendships and connections with like-minded women. There is nothing like women supporting each other around a campfire!

Sherrie and my hearts are filled with the joy of creating this unique time for those who say yes!

Hopefully, you will consider gifting yourself and your loved ones this season as you only get one 2021 and one 2022 to come. Click here for details and share with anyone else you care about. 

Cabins are filling and there is limited space so read about it, pray or meditate about it, and compare this idea with any other gift you are considering giving!  We are so excited for those who have already registered and can't wait to see you!

Hugs and Peace. Sheran and Sherrie

PS See a special gift to all those who take fast action by December 15. 

PPS We are providing transportation to the ranch from the airport for out-of-towners if needed!

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