Create the Day You Want

change connection emotional wellness gratitude joy life lessons personal development self-awareness spirituality Feb 19, 2021

How serious are you about having a good day?
Do your days just happen or do you create them?

Are you one of those people who wake up ready to charge into your day with enthusiasm or do you need that first cup of coffee to be reasonable to be around? Actually I can be either. Many days I do not even get a cup of coffee before I am out the door to meet with clients. Those are the days I really “love.”  I feel on purpose.

If I am working from my home office (like today) and won’t talk with or see any clients, I tend to need extra motivation to get going-(do you sense the extrovert?) What I do know is that how I am thinking is what affects my mood and my whole day! My mindset rules!
My invisible measure of success each day is: what have I produced, how many things got crossed off the never-finished list? With this focus, I “never” would have a good day because there is always something undone! To measure my success I have to manage my mind.

So I also have a few other must do’s to create a rewarding day. They are: Did I have at least one good belly laugh, Did I contact at least one friend (someone who really knows me and will speak the truth to me), and Did I play for at least one hour-note I said at least one hour? (Play can be anything that is not being  productive for work) Sure I do tapping and meditative breathing and all the other expected to do’s but truly when I miss these three things-my day “rots!”

How about you? What is a good day for you? Do you have a few actions that you are committed to doing to create your life and not just let your days happen? I am getting close to a great big birthday and realize that if I am not intentional about creating good days there may come a time when I have difficulty creating them.

I would like to hear your ways to create a good day. I am always open to new ideas. Email me. [email protected]

As always: Make the rest of your life be the best of your life!   


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