Breathing for the Life You Want

body care change emotional wellness life lessons peaceful personal development problem solving self-awareness spirituality Jan 15, 2021

What has taken your breath away?

A powerful event? A scene in nature? A painful experience? Those are the moments we remember that we have breath to support us!

How often each day do you actually think about breathing? I usually take it for granted until I have a terrifying moment of not being able to breathe! (onset of adult asthma!-something for me to clear!)

Breathing is one of the most powerful tools we have for wellness, releasing emotional and physical pain, and just enjoyment of the moment. It is also one of the methods that I use most often with clients.

Besides helping in the moment with an emotion-take a deep breath. Besides using to release stress-breathe into your stomach, hold and release the tension as you breath out! The most important way I invite breathing is to release a deep emotional pain. There is a technique and although it sounds easy, it usually requires practice and persistence.

Here is how to release and often eliminate a painful emotion or recurring thought that just consumes you.

  • Sit in a quiet place.
  • Place your hands on your heart with eyes closed.
  • Feel the emotion fully-in all the pain, sadness, anger, whatever it is, Feel it in your heart and head and anywhere else it wants to exist.
  • Next start to breath deeply-listening to your breath in and out-while you focus on the pain. Keep breathing for as long as is needed to feel the pain dissolve or flow out.
  • The tricky part is to keep the pain inside until it truly is ready to leave. Our mind may want to just have it leave so we need to be persistent in bringing it back and breathing until it is truly ready to release and free us of the intensity.
  • It may be necessary to take a break and then come back again and do the process another time. Just make sure you actually do it rather than wanting to get over it quickly or ignoring it.

I promise you if you do this you will experience a renewed peace. It works on both physical and emotional pain. We could talk about the blood going to the brain, living in the moment or other reasons it works. But who cares-it works!!!!

Please let the breath of life be a tool you use-it is free, always available and a gift of your body and soul.

I hope this helps you! Let me know what results you get or if you have any questions. I want to help you have more peace and joy!



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