Are You Ready: Here it is!

change communication connection decision making family holidays letting go purpose self-awareness Dec 28, 2021

You know you saw it coming. The New Year is about to arrive whether or not you feel ready. Just like welcoming a new baby. When it is time it is time!

I remember the joy of welcoming a newborn including a lot of preparation and anticipation and the world felt full of possibility and excitement.

I also remember how easy it was to forget the pain of bringing that new life into the world when looking into that little one's face. I believe the New Year is the same. 

With personal preparation and attention, the pain of the past year can be released and the possibility and excitement will be enhanced. 

Here are four easy steps I have to assist with bringing new life to 2022. See how these may work for you:

First, let go of anything that is incomplete from 2021: unfinished projects, unrealized goals, unfulfilled relationships, disappointments, or unresolved hurts. This is the past-let all go as they hold you back from creating new. You can always repeat a dream you had but don't carry the old one forward. Start fresh.

Second, forgive yourself for anything that you think you could have done better, been better, or you wished you didn't do. Forgiveness of ourselves is often the hardest of all. You are always doing the best you could or you would have done something different. You can learn, release, and move forward. (See below for help to do this!)

Third, use ritual to release anything keeping you focused on the past. This could be praying, tapping, journaling, writing thoughts on paper and burning the paper, finding someone to talk to in order to get perspective, or meditating. There are numerous methods. Just pick one or two and do!

Fourth, get into nature. It is so important to walk barefoot on grass, feel the sun on your skin, breathe in the fresh air. This resets us. Our bodies are calibrated to vibrate with earth energy and we need to rebalance to counter all the tech vibrations we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

The next step is to design and create what you intend for 2022. 

This is what we will do on the Create the Best Year Yet Retreat for women in January.  I am so excited to be with smart, spiritual, and successful women on the weekend. Check out the details and note that the special rate ends this week. I am so looking forward to being with all who attend.

May you celebrate a Happy New Year with peace and joy. I wish you the very best!

I look forward to being with you in 2022.

Long distance hug, Sheran

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