It Had to Happen

change communication connection emotional wellness energy life lessons peaceful personal development relationships resilience self-awareness spirituality Jun 16, 2021

There was only one requirement for my backyard when we moved to a new home four years ago. I had to have a Hong Kong Orchid tree outside my dining room window to admire the gorgeous flowers. This tree never disappoints-so once again last month I treasured the full cascade of flowers.

But something that I wanted to ignore was happening-the lush flowers were mainly growing on one side and large limbs were expanding outward. If untrimmed the tree would at some point likely topple over. As hard as it was we hired someone to dramatically prune the big beautiful tree while it was in full bloom to protect it from the hot weather. 

It had to be done! It now has lots of small bare round blossomless limbs. But as I look at it I know there is the promise of a full beautiful gorgeous reward once it has time to refresh and grow.

This experience made me think about how some relationships are similar. There are times when growth in a relationship is out of alignment, when one side is giving too much, or where it may look good on the outside but eventually you know it is going to crash down! 

I thought about how someone had to help the tree to let go of a part of itself. We had to keep the big picture in mind and be willing to have the pain of a short time loss in order to support growth. And even though I do recognize that there is a lot of research about trees communicating and having feelings I believe our tree understood the value of letting go in order to grow more fully, beautifully, and strong. 

What about you? Have you ever needed a relationship pruned from your life? I have and it is not always easy. It may be painful or it may have been put off too long. When you knew a person is toxic for you or is keeping you from growing fully, you have to find the courage to end it. Is this happening now? And like the tree, are you willing to experience a short period of loss, a time of rest and renewal, and a regrouping for the next stage of growth?  

Growth is part of life and we don't always grow at the same time and in the same direction. This doesn't mean the past was wrong, just that there is a need to allow for different growth.  

The promise of the next season is so exciting. I truly delight in the radiance of new growth. I trust my tree to know when to flourish again and I hope you remember to trust yourself when you are ready to flourish again after a pruning!

If you ever find a need for assistance with pruning just contact me. My calendar is open for a complimentary "landscape" evaluation and pruning call if you need it. 

Happy Pruning, Sheran

PS Some new programs coming: Women at a Crossroads and Take This Course Before you Divorce. Both help with pruning. I am excited to share and open to discussing even now if you are interested!

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