Creating 2022 as The Best Year yet

change connection emotional wellness energy gratitude joy letting go peaceful spirituality Jan 10, 2022

Happy New Year! Are you still enjoying the exciting energy and space for possibilities? Every New Year offers the rush of energy encouraging us to create change.

Has that happened to you? I know it has for me. Now is the time to design and create. 

This year rather than worry about resolutions or goals that we make and then forget; I suggest a couple of simple methods that are easy to do and assure that you will have a more powerful positive year.

First, make sure you finish with 2021. When we say goodbye and let go of the old, we release a rush of energy just like when you clean out a closet, a desk, or the garage. You get a flood of delight as you have space to fill with new possibilities. Creating new possibilities requires imagination.

Albert Einstein once famously said, "Imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions."

One way to activate your imagination is to visualize. There are hundreds of examples of the power of visualization. A few famous ones:

  • Michael Jordan said that he always took that last game-winning shot in his mind before he took it on the court.
  • Before American Idol winner Jordin Sparks made it into the top 10, she cut out a picture of herself and put it on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with the headline "American Idol 2007 Jordin Sparks."
  • Jim Carrey shared that as a struggling young actor, he would visualize himself doing the things that the greatest actors in the world did. Like turning down major roles because they were so in demand by studios that they could pick and choose whatever roles they wanted! 

Dr. Wayne Dyer, who wrote many books on the power and results of visualization stated, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Research also proves that we create new neural pathways in our brain when we focus on something over and over. We invite and allow the environment to change.   

But this law of visualization can work against us if we make the mistake of visualizing what we don't want to happen or continually think negatively about ourselves or our situation. Worry is the process of actively visualizing what you don't want. And most people spend much of their day unconsciously visualizing what they don't want.

To create the life you seek, simply do this daily: each morning and/or evening take a few minutes to sit quietly and imagine your ideal life. See the vision of what you want in a relationship, a job, health, or anything. See it as accomplished and feel the joy of it being completed. The vibration of joy is the most important.

As you keep at this you will experience results-just like when you are interested in a new model of car and see it over and over again! Opportunities and experiences will show up unexpectedly. Your job is to keep the focus on what you want to create and keep yourself from falling into the negative thoughts of what you do not want and how long it is taking to come!

Creation is on its own timeline and will not be rushed with worry or negativity. Life will definitely change and we just must be patient and open to how it shows up.

Additionally, find something to be positive about each day and share it with someone else. Smile at the salesperson you see, allow a car to enter in front of you while driving, express gratitude that you have money as you pay your bills. The habit of appreciation will add significant joy to your life. As you feel more positive you will be open to more possibilities.

I know these simple yet powerful steps will create a more powerful and joy-centered 2022 which is my heart-centered wish for you. If you want me to share in your visualization I am open to hearing your hopes and dreams. I remember everyone on this list in my daily meditation and wish you the best year yet in 2022.


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