How Are You? Coming Out?

connection pandemic peaceful spirituality trauma May 28, 2021

Last weekend was so remarkable. It was the first time I was in the same room with a large group of people that I had not seen in over a year. No masks, we hugged, and we thoroughly enjoyed the graduation party. Life almost seemed "normal."

This is still not happening for a lot of people and some aren't ready for the "old normal" to start again but for the extrovert that I am, it was so great.

Many of my clients are actually saying how disappointed they are that the world is getting more "out" there again. They enjoyed the slower pace and the staying home. Everyone is doing their best to figure out what feels okay for them.

How about you? No one and I mean no one went through this past year without being traumatized in some may have been what I call a "little T (small trauma)" but for many, it was a big T. Our freedoms were narrowed, our relationships were impacted, and our fear for ourselves and others was revved up.

During the locked-in time, I did my best to manage my own grief by keeping up with clients, offering months of complimentary tapping and/or anxiety relaxing sessions, and starting a couple of Women's Spiritual Circles that many said were very helpful. I also closed my office which was so sad for me.

How about you? How does life seem for you right now? Are you feeling free and alive again? Are you struggling with the changes? Do you feel alone still? How are your relationships after being forced to stay indoors for so long? Just how the heck are you doing? 

I really want to hear from you-- about how you are doing. I promise I will write back to everyone who contacts me. Sometimes it is just good to have someone listen to you, to validate your feelings, or to give a different perspective to consider. I promise to do that. If there any resource or information that you think I may be able to offer to support you right now let me know.

I personally am deciding what my next stage of life will look like. (More of that to come later.) Today, I am making the commitment, starting this week, to write once a week to offer tips, tools, and techniques to support a life of ease for all who want to connect with me. So give me ideas if you want some specific topics discussed. 

For now, I send a long-distance healthy Hug to all. I truly look forward to hearing from many of you.

If you know me personally, you know when I encourage you to laugh right now-I mean it. Set your phone for 30 seconds and do a belly laugh. You don't need a reason to laugh. I promise you will feel better. I just did and I feel the endorphins flowing!

Smiles, Sheran

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