Emotional Freedom Advanced Training (EFT):

Reimagine the Past and Create the Future


Why consider this training?

  • You want to go beyond the basics and understand the depth of what EFT can do.

  • You want to support those you care about with more than just dealing with symptoms.

  • You are a professional who wants to add to your resources to support your clients.

  • You value learning useful techniques that are easy to do and remind you how good life is supposed to be.

  • You want to have more energy, sleep better, and feel freer from old emotional issues.
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Go Beyond the Basics of Tapping:

  • use the process to rid  pain, cravings, past trauma, and self esteem issues

  • support clients in stronger  personal boundaries and  relationships

  • release the pain of old memories without telling the story over and over

  • increase effectiveness as a coach, therapist, supporter of others growth

  • learn and use four different methods of EFT

You are Welcome to Participate in This Training 

to increase your skill in using EFT 

Why I Love Doing This Training?

When I first learned about EFT, I thought it was strange and wasn't sure how it could really help people.

I wasn't trained in the body-mind connection and really believed in the power of self-control and talking through problems.

Then I experienced the effects of the Emotional Freedom Technique. I realized the significant value of it and started using it with clients but suspected there was more to it.

This started my journey to advanced training and interacting with the developer of EFT, Gary Craig, his daughter Tina and the great trainers at the professional organization, Association for Comprehensive Psychology, which is focused on significant research in the results of EFT.

This training was developed because I want individuals to learn the power of EFT beyond symptom relief. I want them to help themselves and those they care about to get greater results in releasing pain, the effects of old trauma and increase their own quality of life.

Supporting others with a joy-filled and peaceful life is what I'm all about!  I'm excited to have you join me if this is what you want also!

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Here is What You are Looking For!

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Learn with Others

This is a very hands on training. You apply learning immediately. 

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Manual and Materials

You receive a downloadable manual and handouts.

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Personal Growth

You work on your own issues and learn how to use with others.

What Previous Participants Have Said

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Dr. Sheran Mattson, what a breath of fresh air!  Every participant walked away with techniques that they can use every day, to help stay in a positive space.  I am thankful for Sheran’s ability and her willingness to share it with us.  She’s a Rockstar!!

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I really want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you gave me.

Thank you for helping me find my power again and putting me back in the driver seat of my life. A million times thank you.

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Tapas F

Thank you for your workshop on Sunday and the attached handouts. 

You created an involving session and I learned tips I'll use to improve my future performance leading groups.

Contact Me for Dates for the Next Session

EFT Training

Only $397 for Training and Certificate

  • Two days of interactive hands-on training-December 5 and 6 from 10 am- 5 pm

  • Manual download with handouts for use during training

  • Facilitated evaluated practice

  • A Safe Place to Explore and Practice New Behaviors

  • Bonus: Follow up session to answer personal questions 
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